Jock Docs: Basketball

Presented by Bobbito Garcia

“Sneaker Night”

The Mystery of Flying Kicks

Dir. Matthew Bate, 2009, Run. 14 min

The Mystery of Flying Kicks tries to solve the mystery of why it is hard to avoid seeing sneakers on power lines in almost all urban areas.  Made completely from donated photographs, video, phoned in theories, artwork, and animation The Mystery of Flying Kicks tries to find the truth of why shoes always end up on telephone wires.


Air Force 1: Anatomy of an Urban Legend

Dir. Thibaut de Longeville, Run. 75 min

Before the 1980’s basketball shoes were so uncomfortable that players had to wear more than one pair of socks for cushioning.  Then the Nike Air Force One’s came out and started a new era in basketball and shoes.  This documentary tells the story of how one pair of shoes swept the nation and went from being a shoe worn only on basketball courts to a shoe that people collect and wear every single day.


Special Guests: Anthony Gilbert, Kool Bob Love

Jock Docs, a monthly series is curated by Laura Coxson


Jock Docs: Playground Basketball

Presented by Bobbito Garcia

“NYC Playground”


Heart & Soul of New York City

Dir. Kevin Couliau, 2010, 5 minutes

French director Kevin Couliau spent the summer of 2009 in the five boroughs of New York City to track down streetball legends and the most famous streetball courts of all time so he could capture what streetball is all about.  With great visuals this film shows streetballing at its best in The Cage to Goat Park and much more.



 1979, 89minutes, filmmaker Anthony Jones

The American Game is a 1979 documentary film directed by Jay Freund and David Wolf contrasting the experiences of two high-school seniors, basketball players from remarkably different backgrounds.  Brian Walker is taken from his close-knit Indiana family, living in a small town. In contrast, Stretch Graham has practically no family support, and looks to his Brooklyn team and his warm-hearted coach for support.


Asphalt Phenoms of New York City—The Lost Years

Dir. Dorian Graham, 45 minutes

Directed by ex-streetballer, Dorian Graham, Asphalt Phenoms of New York City—The Lost Years tells the story of the game of streetball before it was taken over by And-1 and other corporate sponsors.  This film goes deep into the culture of streetball during hot summers in the late 80’s to show what streetball was all about before it became a worldwide craze with interviews from two-time NBA champion Kenny “The Jet” Smith and more.


Special Guests: Dorian Graham, Kool Bob Love (Bobbito), Derek Lawson (producer), players: Anthony Hargraves, Speedy Williams, Ron Matthias “The Terminator”


Jock Docs: Playground Basketball

Presented by Bobbito Garcia

“EBC @ Rucker Park”

MTV’s Harlem Hoops

Producer: Jac Benson, 2003, 43 min.

The Entertainers Basketball Classic is the biggest streetball tournament in the world.  It’s where NBA stars such as Shawn Marion, Baron Davis and Kobe Byrant can unleash moves that have never been seen in an NBA arena and play with streetball legends such as Adrian “A Whole Lotta Game” Walton and Steve “All Day” Burtt.  Hip Hop moguls such as Fat Joe, Ja Rule, and Irv Gotti all have teams and will do anything to make their team better every year no matter the cost.



Leon Gast, 2003, 10 min.

A short excerpt about Pro Rucker legend Joe "The Destroyer" Hammond, considered by many to be the best scorer New York City has ever produced, even after turning down an NBA contract from the 1971-'72 Los Angeles Lakers (who went on to break the league record for most regular season wins and won the championship).


On Hallowed Ground: Streetball Champions of Rucker Park

Dir. Kip & Korn, 2000, Run. 90 min

On Hallowed Ground follows the reigning champions of the Entertainers Basketball Classic, held at Rucker Park, who are sponsored by Bad Boys Records.  While the film focus’s on this team of amateurs filled with dazzling showmen such as “The Future”, “Half-Man Half-Amazing”, “Up North”, and “The Main Event” it also goes deeper into the history of Rucker Park and the NBA stars and legends who have played there before such as Wilt Chamberlain, Julius “Dr. Jay” Erving, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Special Guests: Anthony Heyward Jr. (aka Biz, 1/2Man 1/2 Amazin’), Greg Marius (founder of the EBC Tournament)

Jock Docs: Playground Basketball

Presented by Bobbito Garcia

“International Night”

Le Tournoi du Quai 54

Dir. Thibault de Longeville, 2006

One of France’s biggest streetball tournament is Le Tournoi du Quai.  All the great streetballers in France show up for this tournament and even some NBA players and professional players from France.  Even former L.A. Laker and current New York Knick Ronnie Turiaf and Charlotte Bobcat Boris Diaw share there thoughts on streetball in France.


Hoop Hop Tour Japan

Dir. John Jay, 25 minutes


My Game

Dir. Carlos Ledesma, 2007, 64 min.

My Game is about basketball in the Philippines and their most talented and respected players.  Director Carlos Ledesma spent a month with six of these players to find out more about where they are in their lives, where they are going and the culture of basketball in the Philippines.