Jock Docs: Basketball

Presented by Bobbito Garcia

“Sneaker Night”

The Mystery of Flying Kicks

Dir. Matthew Bate, 2009, Run. 14 min

The Mystery of Flying Kicks tries to solve the mystery of why it is hard to avoid seeing sneakers on power lines in almost all urban areas.  Made completely from donated photographs, video, phoned in theories, artwork, and animation The Mystery of Flying Kicks tries to find the truth of why shoes always end up on telephone wires.


Air Force 1: Anatomy of an Urban Legend

Dir. Thibaut de Longeville, Run. 75 min

Before the 1980’s basketball shoes were so uncomfortable that players had to wear more than one pair of socks for cushioning.  Then the Nike Air Force One’s came out and started a new era in basketball and shoes.  This documentary tells the story of how one pair of shoes swept the nation and went from being a shoe worn only on basketball courts to a shoe that people collect and wear every single day.


Special Guests: Anthony Gilbert, Kool Bob Love

Jock Docs, a monthly series is curated by Laura Coxson