Featured films

Maysles Education believes that storytelling is key to people understanding their own lives, being able to connect to others, and engaging their individual and collective power to write untold stories. See a selection of our student docs here, and see the rest on Vimeo.

A young immigrant from the Dominican Republic talks about growing up in Washington Heights.
Directed by Scarlet Frias and Gabby Orengo.

Delroy, a gay Jamaican college student in the US, tries to cope with his many conflicting identities while looking for acceptance from his family and culture.
Directed and Produced by Annmarie Soba.

JMZ, Andrew and ill.pursuits, three urban explorers, showcase both the dangers and the fascination of Urban Exploring.
A film by Ezequiel Mejia & Marc Ramirez.

An elderly free-spirit with a stubborn anti-work philosophy reflects on his life.
A film by Vicky Lee.