Jock Docs: Playground Basketball

Presented by Bobbito Garcia

“EBC @ Rucker Park”

MTV’s Harlem Hoops

Producer: Jac Benson, 2003, 43 min.

The Entertainers Basketball Classic is the biggest streetball tournament in the world.  It’s where NBA stars such as Shawn Marion, Baron Davis and Kobe Byrant can unleash moves that have never been seen in an NBA arena and play with streetball legends such as Adrian “A Whole Lotta Game” Walton and Steve “All Day” Burtt.  Hip Hop moguls such as Fat Joe, Ja Rule, and Irv Gotti all have teams and will do anything to make their team better every year no matter the cost.



Leon Gast, 2003, 10 min.

A short excerpt about Pro Rucker legend Joe "The Destroyer" Hammond, considered by many to be the best scorer New York City has ever produced, even after turning down an NBA contract from the 1971-'72 Los Angeles Lakers (who went on to break the league record for most regular season wins and won the championship).


On Hallowed Ground: Streetball Champions of Rucker Park

Dir. Kip & Korn, 2000, Run. 90 min

On Hallowed Ground follows the reigning champions of the Entertainers Basketball Classic, held at Rucker Park, who are sponsored by Bad Boys Records.  While the film focus’s on this team of amateurs filled with dazzling showmen such as “The Future”, “Half-Man Half-Amazing”, “Up North”, and “The Main Event” it also goes deeper into the history of Rucker Park and the NBA stars and legends who have played there before such as Wilt Chamberlain, Julius “Dr. Jay” Erving, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Special Guests: Anthony Heyward Jr. (aka Biz, 1/2Man 1/2 Amazin’), Greg Marius (founder of the EBC Tournament)