Jock Docs: Playground Basketball

Presented by Bobbito Garcia

“NYC Playground”


Heart & Soul of New York City

Dir. Kevin Couliau, 2010, 5 minutes

French director Kevin Couliau spent the summer of 2009 in the five boroughs of New York City to track down streetball legends and the most famous streetball courts of all time so he could capture what streetball is all about.  With great visuals this film shows streetballing at its best in The Cage to Goat Park and much more.



 1979, 89minutes, filmmaker Anthony Jones

The American Game is a 1979 documentary film directed by Jay Freund and David Wolf contrasting the experiences of two high-school seniors, basketball players from remarkably different backgrounds.  Brian Walker is taken from his close-knit Indiana family, living in a small town. In contrast, Stretch Graham has practically no family support, and looks to his Brooklyn team and his warm-hearted coach for support.


Asphalt Phenoms of New York City—The Lost Years

Dir. Dorian Graham, 45 minutes

Directed by ex-streetballer, Dorian Graham, Asphalt Phenoms of New York City—The Lost Years tells the story of the game of streetball before it was taken over by And-1 and other corporate sponsors.  This film goes deep into the culture of streetball during hot summers in the late 80’s to show what streetball was all about before it became a worldwide craze with interviews from two-time NBA champion Kenny “The Jet” Smith and more.


Special Guests: Dorian Graham, Kool Bob Love (Bobbito), Derek Lawson (producer), players: Anthony Hargraves, Speedy Williams, Ron Matthias “The Terminator”