SR Socially Relevant Film Festival New York Series

SR Socially Relevant Film Festival New York Series

Curated by Nora Armani and SR Socially Relevant Film Festival New York Serie

Program of Shorts II

Doc Shorts Competition

Niro and Flicka

(New York Premiere)

Hai Afik, 2014, 30 min, Israel

On his 40th birthday Niro tries to reconcile with his father and wonders if he will find love or if he will remain alone with his music and his donkey for the rest of his life.

Q&A with director Hai Afik.

The Orchard Keepers

Bryony Dunne, 2014, 28 min, Egypt/Ireland

Two Bedouin women embark on a daily journey, against a backdrop of political upheaval, to keep their orchard, an island of green floating in the arid Sinai desert, alive.


Trailer: (The Orchard Keepers)


Documentary Feature Competition (3)

Lighter Than Orange

(New York Premiere)

Matthias Leupold, 2014, 62 min, Germany

Ten North Vietnamese veterans tell about their memories of the war and Agent Orange as well as the struggles they have faced as a consequence of both.

Q&A with director Matthias Leupold.





Program of Shorts III

(Doc Shorts Competition)

Rooftops of Jerusalem

(New York Premiere)

Hana Elias, 2014, 8 min, Israel

Holy city, controversial city, contested city. That's how people talk about Jerusalem. But who is paying the price? While Palestinian youth are training Parkour on the rooftops, a group of Jewish boys, celebrating Purim interfere.

Bone to Brain

Rachel Greco, 2014, 20 min, USA

Meet Nicki Muller, a young woman diagnosed with bone cancer at age 13 and brain cancer at age 21. This thought provoking documentary explains the power of art and acceptance.

Q&A with director Rachel Greco.

Lingering Time

Ching Chen Juhl, 2014, 30 min, USA

The 60th anniversary celebration and reunion at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music. Alumni return with joy and sentiment to a changing country.



Trailer: (Rooftops of Jerusalem), (Lingering Time)

SR Socially Relevant (™) Film Festival New York (2nd edition March 16-22, 2015) is a non-profit film festival showcasing socially relevant films & stories in response to the proliferation of violence & violent forms of storytelling.

The 2nd edition of the festival promises an interesting slate of over 50 films from 33 countries addressing a wide range of social issues. In addition, the festival offers industry panels on Distribution, Storytelling and Diversity Casting (with SAG-AFTRA), and a Masterclass with legendary documentary filmmaker Albert Maysles. For information and full slate of films screening at Tribeca Cinemas, and Industry Panels at The School of Visual Arts MFA SocDoc, please visit

Thursday, March 19th, 7:00pm

Doc Watchers Presents: 25 To Life

Curated by Hellura Lyle


Mike Brown, 2014, 81 min.

William Brawner kept his HIV status a secret for over twenty-five years. Now, he seeks redemption from his promiscuous past, as he embarks on a new phase of life, with his wife, who is HIV Negative. We watch as he confronts previous sexual partners and struggles to carve out an open and honest future. 25 To Life is a startlingly fresh look at HIV and AIDS in America. It tackles the tough social issues of sex, race, and manhood and explores the pains and triumphs of William’s life and those around him. His story illuminates the ability of the human spirit to rise above devastating circumstances and discover why life is always worth fighting for.


Screening followed by Q&A with director Mike Brown and producer Leah Thomas and reception.