SR Socially Relevant Film Festival New York Series

SR Socially Relevant Film Festival New York Series

Curated by Nora Armani and SR Socially Relevant Film Festival New York Series

(SR Socially Relevant (™) Film Festival New York is a non-profit film festival showcasing socially relevant films & stories in response to the proliferation of violence & violent forms of storytelling.)



Program of Shorts I

Docs Shorts Competition


Plundering Tibet


(New York Premiere)

Michael Buckley, 2014, 24 min, Canada/Tibet

Based on chinese mining operations we learn how Tibet becomes the victim of pollution and a target for disaster.

Umudugudu! Rwanda 20 Years On

(New York Premiere)

Giordano Cossu, 2014, 36 min, France

Former Rwandan genocide killers and survivors must live together again and face the struggle of rebuilding life and living amongst those who may have killed members of their family.

Q&A with director Giordano Cossu.



Trailer: (Umudugudu! Rwanda 20 Years On), (Plundering Tibet)



Documentary Feature Competition (1)

Still Running

Wayne de Lange and Sven Harding, 2014, 5 min, South Africa

Still/Running' vividly chronicles how Wings for Life World Run ambassador, Pieter du Preez, overcame a tragic cycling accident - which left him paralysed from the chest down

All in Her Stride

(New York Premiere)

Fiona Cochrane, 2014, 55 min, Australia

This film depicts elements of Australian actor Leverne McDonnell’s life and documents her facing a terminal diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, with discussion of the topic of euthanasia and her death.





Documentary Feature Competition (2)

Truth Through a Lens

(New York Premiere)

Justin Thomas, 2014, 92 min, USA

This stunning feature length debut follows the evolution of Dennis Flores from Brooklyn street kid, subway train tagger to local community organizing legend in the backdrop of recent social issues.

Q & A with director Justin Thomas and activist Dennis Flores.