Summer Show and Tell at the Maysles Cinema

Thursday, August 14th, 7:30pm

Summer Show and Tell at the Maysles Cinema

Curated and Hosted by Patrick Gilfether

Join Albert Maysles as he tells the story of his first camera, a 25c piece of bakelite, and his

discovery of photo-chemical magic. Stories will follow from ten people, maybe even you, who bring an object- and, well, you know the game. Harlem local and recent high school grad Aayaana Sabb will tell a tale of her father and Cal Louis will discuss findings and process behind two months of food-access research Harlem. Brooklyn comedian Jo Firestone will bring you laughs as she shares the story behind an old photo ID and Patrick Gilfether will give you a glimpse inside an Ohio dairy farm with his film MILK. History of Science scholar Eliza Cohen will share unsettling letters between Eugenicists she stumbled across in the archives at the Museum of Natural History and author Lambo Yang will give a reading. Cheryl Humphrey will tell the story behind the cane collection of her late sister. Artist Mimi Leggett will offer a new view on colors and shapes, body-positivity activist Lexi

Bean will lead a contact-improv jam, and Harlem’s own Andre Johnson will take his first go at stand up comedy.