The 2014 New York Film Festival Opening Act Series

Monday, September 15th, 7:30pm

The Film Society of Lincoln Center and The Maysles Cinema Present:

The 2014 New York Film Festival Opening Act Series (September 15th – 25th)

The week before the festival kicks off, revisit landmark films from international filmmakers whose newest works will be showcased in the upcoming 52nd New York Film Festival. On Monday, September 15th The Film Society & Maysles Cinema will present the Maysles brothers iconic documentary Salesman followed by a special short sneak preview of Iris, which is having its world premiere in the 52nd NYFF.  A conversation between Albert Maysles and Kent Jones, Director of The New York Film Festival will follow the screening.


Albert Maysles, David Maysles and Charlotte Zwerin, 1968, 91 mins.

In 1968, the Maysles Brothers directed Salesman, a character study/portrait of four traveling Bible salesmen. Salesman is widely considered to be one of the purest examples of direct cinema, with its unflinching and intrusive look at working class America. Equal parts heartbreaking and humorous, Salesman follows the men from rejection to rejection, as sales are down and pressures are up. In 1992, Salesman was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant.


Followed by:

A short preview of Iris

The great documentarian Albert Maysles recently celebrated his 87th birthday, but he and his ever flexible and responsive camera eye are still as fresh as a daisy. His latest film is also a character study/portrait, this time about fashion-and interior-design maven Iris Apfel, who is herself just south of 94 and remains the picture of a saleswoman who continues to enjoy great success, as she celebrates the late wave of popularity she enjoyed on the heels the Met’s 2006 exhibition of her collection of often affordably priced fashion accessories. Maysles, who pops up from time to time as a cheerful on-camera presence, follows Iris as she makes selections for the touring exhibition, advises young women on their fashion choices, and bargains with store owners, usually in the company of her husband of 66 years, Carl, who recently turned 100. Iris’s resilience is a wonder to behold, never more so than when she dismisses the idea of being “pretty”—for her, the only thing that matters is style.


A conversation between Albert Maysles and Kent Jones, Director of The New York Film Festival will follow the screening.


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Summer Show and Tell at the Maysles Cinema

Thursday, August 14th, 7:30pm

Summer Show and Tell at the Maysles Cinema

Curated and Hosted by Patrick Gilfether

Join Albert Maysles as he tells the story of his first camera, a 25c piece of bakelite, and his

discovery of photo-chemical magic. Stories will follow from ten people, maybe even you, who bring an object- and, well, you know the game. Harlem local and recent high school grad Aayaana Sabb will tell a tale of her father and Cal Louis will discuss findings and process behind two months of food-access research Harlem. Brooklyn comedian Jo Firestone will bring you laughs as she shares the story behind an old photo ID and Patrick Gilfether will give you a glimpse inside an Ohio dairy farm with his film MILK. History of Science scholar Eliza Cohen will share unsettling letters between Eugenicists she stumbled across in the archives at the Museum of Natural History and author Lambo Yang will give a reading. Cheryl Humphrey will tell the story behind the cane collection of her late sister. Artist Mimi Leggett will offer a new view on colors and shapes, body-positivity activist Lexi

Bean will lead a contact-improv jam, and Harlem’s own Andre Johnson will take his first go at stand up comedy.