Staunch! A Grey Gardens Celebration V: T.V. Transvestite

Staunch! A Gay Gardens Celebration V

(Our 5th annual weekend-long meditation on the legacy of Albert and David Maysles' seminal cinema verite documentary Grey Gardens. This year we kick off Pride by exploring the classic through a queer lens and celebrating its long standing gay cult following.)


Curated by Ilona Brand

Friday, June 7th, 7:30pm

T.V. Transvestite

Dir. Simone di Bagno and Michele Capozzi, 1982, 60 min.

Before Paris is Burning, there was T.V. Transvestite. Shot in 1982 by filmmakers Simone di Bagno and Michele Capozzi, the documentary captures a fierce House of LaBeija ball thrown at a Harlem Bingo hall. "Lost" and not screened in public for over two decades, this rare film shows such legends as Pepper LaBeija, Dorian Corey and Sugar in a period before voguing and at the advent of AIDS.

Q&A with Drag historian and Gay Studies scholar Joe E. Jeffreys.