A Free Outdoor Screening of Doin' It In The Park @ the Dyckman Basketball Courts

Friday, June 7th, 9:00pm


The Maysles Cinema and the Dyckman Basketball Tournament Present:

A Free Outdoor Screening of Doin' It In The Park @ the Dyckman Basketball Courts

The Monsignor Kett Playground, West 204th St. Btwn
Nagle Avenue and 10th Ave. (near Dyckman St.)


100% Free!


Doin' It In The Park: Pick-Up Basketball, NYC

Bobbito Garcia and Kevin Couliau, 2012, 83 min.

Doin’ It In The Park: Pick-Up Basketball, NYC explores the history, culture and social impact of New York’s summer b-ball scene, the worldwide “Mecca” of the sport.  In New York City, pick-up is not just a sport. It is a way of life. There are 700+ outdoor courts, and an estimated 500,000 players, the most loyal of which approach the game as a religion, and the playground as their church. “You can play high school or college for four years.  You can play Pro for a decade. You can play pick-up . . . for life.”  Doin’ It In The Park lovingly uncovers this movement through the voices of playground legends, NBA athletes, and most importantly the common person, or 99%, who look forward to experiencing the energy of the game at their local schoolyard. Co-directors Bobbito Garcia and Kevin Couliau visited 180 courts throughout NYC’s five boroughs to create their debut documentary. They traveled to a majority of the locations by bicycle, carrying cameras and a ball in their backpacks. The film’s title refers as much to the subject matter as it does to the method of filmmaking, providing an unprecedented perspective on inner-city America’s most popular, and accessible, free recreation.

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Trailer: https://vimeo.com/65081192



Take # 1 train to Dyckman Street follow road along housing complex to the park.

Take #A train to Dyckman Street walk down Dyckman Street and make a left turn on Nagle Ave (underneath train tracks): The park is on the right.

Take A train to 207th Street walk down 207th Street make a right at train station walk to 204th street; park is on the corner.