The Future is Changing: Experimenting with Rituals for Spatial Change

Thursday, February 21st, 7:30pm

The Future is Changing: Experimenting with Rituals for Spatial Change

A screening of the film Brewster Douglass, You're My Brother accompanied by performance and experimentation in video, song and dialogue.  

Brewster Douglass, You're My Brother

Oren Goldenberg and Paul Abowd, 2012, 27 min.

Brewster Douglass,You're My Brother is a response to the 'blank canvas' narrative that has been perpetrated by local and national media campaigns about Detroit. In 1935 Eleanor Roosevelt came to Detroit to break ground on the Brewster Homes, the first public housing project in the country built for black people. Seventy-five years later, half of the neighborhood has been demolished and redeveloped. The other half stands windowless and seemingly vacant. This 27 minute documentary takes an unconventional look inside the historic buildings, introducing the viewer to lifelong residents, activists who fought to keep the projects open, and squatters – themselves former residents – who struggle to stay warm through Detroit’s harsh winter.

TIme I Change

Oren Goldenberg, 2012, 4 minute loop

A new work by Oren Goldenberg featuring the dancing of Haleem Rasul (a.k.a. Stringz) of Hardcore Detroit and the sounds of Sterling Toles. An experiment of spatial transformation through body movement, this piece depicts a man and his image struggling through the changes in history.  


Improvisational musical performance and accompaniment by Kwami Coleman.