A Black History Month Special: Woke Up Black

Monday, February 18th, 7:30pm

A Black History Month Special: Woke Up Black

Mary F. Morten, 2011, 60 min.

Woke Up Black follows a two-year period in the lives of five Chicago-area African American youth, highlighting their struggles, triumphs and dreams as they start their journey into adulthood. Winner of a 2012 Black Excellence Award from the African American Arts Alliance of Chicago, the film places at its center the voices of Black youth - their ideas, attitudes and opinions that are so often overlooked in society at large. The youth featured include Rosalee, a high-school graduate who's the first in her family to attend college; Carter, a student athlete who was adopted by a gay couple when he was 10; Morgan, an aspiring engineer from a predominately white suburb; Ace, a self-identified genderqueer activist whose family has difficulty accepting her identity; and Sheldon, a community organizer who recently became a dad.


Q&A with director Mary F. Morten and subjects Ace and Sheldon will take place immediately following the film.

Trailer: http://vimeo.com/21163267

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