True Crime New York: The Post 9/11 Universe

A quarterly meditation on the complexity of "true" crime in and around the rotten apple

Programming the Nation

Jeff Warrick, 2011, 105 min.

Story goes since the late 1950's subliminal content has been tested and delivered through all forms of media, at an increasingly alarming rate. Programming the Nation examines the purported uses, influences and potential subconscious side-effects of what's going on beneath the surface of advertising, film, music and political propaganda. Also takes a hard look, with Amy Goodman commenting, at how in the post 9/11 universe Defense Department derived video packages air side-by-side with legitimate news stories on many TV news shows.  This film not only traces the history of several phenomenons, but seeks to determine the validity and potential threats that may or may not exist. Do you ever find yourself doing or buying things without any conscious reasoning? Why has consumer debt in America risen over 50% since 1990? How is it possible that the United States consumes about 25% of the world's resources while only making up 4.5% of the world's population? Are we all part of an elaborate scheme which has been "Programming the Nation"?

Q&A with director Jeff Warrick on Skype and Leroy Baylor (in person)
Leroy Baylor hosts two talk shows on WHCR 90.3FM (The Voice of Harlem). His shows are "The Communicators" which airs on Sundays (1-3pm) and "Respect for Life" which airs on Mondays 9am-10am.