True Crime New York: The Post 9/11 Universe

A quarterly meditation on the complexity of "true" crime in and around the rotten apple


Robert Greenwald, 2004, 78 min.

Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism takes a long, hard look at the Fox News Channel and its owner Rupert Murdoch, claiming that the channel is used to promote and advocate right-wing views. Outfoxed argues this pervasive bias contradicts the channel's claim of being “Fair and Balanced,” and that Fox News has been engaging in what amounts to consumer fraud. This film also deconstructs instances where Fox News commentators such as Bill O’Reilly attempt to intimidate guests with whom they disagree, such as author and activist Jeremy M. Glick. This film’s analysis is even more urgent and timely than ever considering recent events surrounding Murdoch and his empire on the other side of the pond in London.


Q&A with Jeremy M. Glick following screening


Jeremy M. Glick tragically lost his father, a Port Authority worker, in the attack on the World Trade Center on 9/11. Time Magazine calls Bill O’Reilly’s interview with Glick one of the top 10 celebrity meltdowns of all time, which is certainly one way of looking at it. Jeremy has a PhD from Rutgers University in English, is an Assistant Professor at Hunter College and is currently writing a book on the Haitian Revolution. He is the co-author of Another World is Possible.


True Crime New York: The Post 9/11 Universe

A quarterly meditation on the complexity of "true" crime in and around the rotten apple


Control Room

Jehane Noujaim, 2004, 84 min.

Startling and powerful, Control Room is a documentary about the Arab television network Al-Jazeera's coverage of the U.S.-led Iraqi war, and conflicts that arose in managed perceptions of truth between that news media outlet and the American military. Egyptian-American filmmaker Jehane Noujaim ( catches the frantic action at Al-Jazeera headquarters as President Bush stipulates his 48-hour, get-out-of-town warning to Saddam Hussein and sons, soon followed by the network's shocking footage of Iraqi civilians terrorized and killed by invading U.S. troops. Al-Jazeera's determination to show images and report details outside the Pentagon's carefully controlled information flow draws the wrath of American officials, who accuse it of being an al-Qaida propagandist. Most fascinating is the way Control Room allows pro-democratic Arabs an opportunity to express views on Iraq as they see it--in an international context, and in a way most Americans never hear about.


True Crime New York: The Post 9/11 Universe

A quarterly meditation on the complexity of "true" crime in and around the rotten apple

Third World Newsreel,, Lillian Benson and the Maysles Cinema Present:



All Our Sons: Fallen Heroes of 9/11

Lillian Benson, 2003, 28 min.

Twelve African American firefighters were among the World Trade Center victims on September 11th, 2001. This moving documentary profiles these heroes, their families and the ultimate sacrifices they made.



Enemy Alien

Konrad Aderer, 2011, 82 min.

Enemy Alien, a first-person documentary, is the gripping story of the fight to free Farouk Abdel-Muhti, a Palestinian-born human rights activist detained in a post-9/11 sweep of Muslim immigrants. Told through the eyes of the filmmaker, the grandson of Japanese Americans interned during World War II, this documentary takes on unprecedented intimacy and historical resonance. As the filmmaker confronts his own family legacy of incarceration, his involvement in the current struggle deepens. Resistance brings consequences: In retaliation for organizing a hunger strike, Farouk is locked in solitary confinement, and a counterterrorism investigation into the documentary itself triggers the arrest of Farouk’s American-born son Tarek.


Post Screening Q&A with Director Konrad Aderer

True Crime New York: The Post 9/11 Universe

A quarterly meditation on the complexity of "true" crime in and around the rotten apple

Programming the Nation

Jeff Warrick, 2011, 105 min.

Story goes since the late 1950's subliminal content has been tested and delivered through all forms of media, at an increasingly alarming rate. Programming the Nation examines the purported uses, influences and potential subconscious side-effects of what's going on beneath the surface of advertising, film, music and political propaganda. Also takes a hard look, with Amy Goodman commenting, at how in the post 9/11 universe Defense Department derived video packages air side-by-side with legitimate news stories on many TV news shows.  This film not only traces the history of several phenomenons, but seeks to determine the validity and potential threats that may or may not exist. Do you ever find yourself doing or buying things without any conscious reasoning? Why has consumer debt in America risen over 50% since 1990? How is it possible that the United States consumes about 25% of the world's resources while only making up 4.5% of the world's population? Are we all part of an elaborate scheme which has been "Programming the Nation"?

Q&A with director Jeff Warrick on Skype and Leroy Baylor (in person)
Leroy Baylor hosts two talk shows on WHCR 90.3FM (The Voice of Harlem). His shows are "The Communicators" which airs on Sundays (1-3pm) and "Respect for Life" which airs on Mondays 9am-10am.

True Crime New York: The Post 9/11 Universe

A quarterly meditation on the complexity of "true" crime in and around the rotten apple

Loose Change: Final Cut

Dylan Avery, 2007, 130 min.

The grandaddy of all 9/11 conspiracy theory films.  Loose Change: Final Cut is the third film in a series which argue that that 9/11 was planned and conducted by elements within the U.S government, and base the claims on perceived anomalies in the historical record of the attacks. The original 2005 film was edited and re-released as Loose Change: 2nd Edition (2006), and then subsequently edited a third time for the 2nd Edition Recut (2007), each time to tighten the focus on certain key areas and to correct some inaccurate claims and remove copyrighted material. Loose Change: Final Cut was released on DVD and Web-streaming format on November 11, 2007. Vanity Fair deemed it “the first internet blockbuster.” This film questions the plausibility of the Pentagon attack, World Trade Center collapse and United 93 phone calls and crash.