NYIHA Media Presents: The Miraculous/La Milagrosa

Dir. Rafael Lara (2008) 105 mins.

The film entitled The Miraculous (La Milagrosa) debuted in New York on April 17, 2009 as part of the 10th Havana Film Festival New York. The film narrates the story of Eduardo, a young upper-class dweller of Bogota who has been kidnapped by a guerilla group in one of the “miracle” abductions that occurred in that country in the 1990s. During his captivity, Eduardo faced many challenging situations and characters, which ultimately reshaped his outlook on life in Colombia.

The Miraculous, which enjoyed a theatrical release in Colombia in August 2008, is the first feature film completed by Mexican filmmaker Rafael Lara. Conversations with Rafael Lara reflected a deep connection to Colombia. The fact that Antonio Merlano, the young and talented lead actor in The Miraculous wrote a personal story about kidnappings in Colombia was a major incentive to focus on this subject. For Rafael Lara, this painful subject interfaces both with human rights and rejection the armed conflict. He adds “This is a story that had to be told because it is no longer a Colombian matter. It is a human issue.”


A timely and dynamic dialogue with Javier Guzman, in support of peace building, generating awareness, and impacting public policy on Colombia. Event attendees will be able to chat with peers one-on-one.