Deathbowl to Downtown: The Evolution of Skateboarding in New York City

(Special Screening in Honor of Andy Kessler)

Dir. Coan Nichols and Rick Charnoski (2009) 87 min.

Deathbowl to Downtown documents the shift in skateboarding primacy from the parks and the pools of sunny California in the 70s to the gritty streets of New York in the 1990's. This transition also foretells the recent hybrid uptake of skateboard culture in Harlem and other communities of color.

AFTER THE FILM: Panel Discussion and Reception sponsored by Brooklyn Brewery.

Jock Docs: Skateboarding

In our sixth monthly installment of Jock Docs we roll through the local history of skateboarding focusing on two legends of their eras: Andy Kessler and Harold Hunter. Both passed before their time, and we are recognizing their talents and impact through skate videos, documentary, demos, a photo exhibit, discussion and celebration. Presented in association with the Andy Kessler and Harold Hunter Foundations.