Menstruation for Beginners

Menstruation for Beginners (Recommended for ages 9-14)
Special Film Screening & Presentation for Young People

With short films made in the United States, India, Philippines and Slovakia, this program has been designed to provide young audiences with a kid-friendly period-positive global introduction to menstruation.

Shorts Series 1: Menstrual Management & Mishaps
87 min
A menstruating puppy eludes a young group of brothers; a self-taught mechanic designs a groundbreaking low-cost sanitary pad machine; and a young girl attempts to fast-track her way to womanhood through somewhat unconventional means. Enjoy this collection of unexpected and sometimes humorous short films about the fine art of managing menstruation.

Q&A with select directors.

Period: The End of Menstruation?
Giovanna Chesler, USA, 2005, 53 min, Documentary
As millions of women and girls take shots and pills to stop their periods, Period: The End of Menstruation? explores the cultural and medical side effects of menstrual suppression.

Preceded by
Vivian: A Period Piece

Aimee Dixon, USA, 2002, 23 min, Narrative
Erin struggles to balance her life between law school and her relationship. However, she is repeatedly interrupted and overwhelmed by a visit from her monthly friend, Vivian.

Q&A with Director Giovanna Chesler & Reception.

Art, Film & Menstruation
Art, film and menstruation gently collide to create this diverse artists’ journey into the world of menstruation. This program will begin with a screening of experimental video works, followed by a panel discussion with selected featured artists.

The program will include a live performance by Swedish menstrual performance troupe, Mensmagi (Menstrual Magic) and screening followed by Q&A with select directors and performers.