A showcase of contemporary independent Mexican films blending fiction with non-fiction elements. The themes and characters they present fall outside of the clichés of Mexico portrayed by the media. Emphasizing form over content, these films break away from commercial production schemes.

Curated by Sebastian Diaz




Bulmaro Osornio, 2011, 97 min

Mosca is a night shift cab driver, a widower and father of two girls. Between his daily job and the memories of his wife, he tries to figure out his role as a father. Mosca mixes sleep and vigil to put up with her loss. Mosca is the tale of disenchantment of a whole generation; it’s also, and above all, an unusual and powerful love story.

Guadalajara International Film Festival (FICG26); Ambulante 2011; Canadian International Documentary Festival 2011; Segunda Semana de Cine Independiente Mexicano, Buenos Aires; 15º Festival de Invierno Montevideo
Discussion with Dir. Bulmaro Osornio and main character Oscar Torres (Mosca) along with Brooklyn gipsy cab driver and playwright Modesto ‘Flako’ Jimenez. Mingle with music, complimentary Mexican food, and mezcal tasting.


Upcoming films of Program 1

Wadley – June 4th, 2015, 7:30pm


Program 2: Digging Roots of a Denied Civilization (Dates TBD, Fall-Winter 2015)

A series of current visions of indigenous Mexico. Stories and characters with a strong connection to nature, serve as a metaphor to explore global themes like identity, family or aging.


Brilliant Soil – TBD Fall 2015, 7:30pm


Rehje – TBD Fall 2015, 7:30pm

Sylvestre Pantaleón– TBD Winter 2015, 7:30pm
Cuates de Australia– TBD Winter 2015, 7:30pm