A showcase of contemporary independent Mexican films blending fiction with non-fiction elements. The themes and characters they present fall outside of the clichés of Mexico portrayed by the media. Emphasizing form over content, these films break away from commercial production schemes.

Curated by Sebastian Diaz



Michel Lipkes, 2011, 74 min

A day in the life. An old man walks the streets of the city, daily life goes on. Memories beset the man's guilt leads him, the pain takes shape. The old man goes on his way to the end, as life continues its strange path.


International Film Festival Rotterdam; Cine UNAM IFF; Cine Las Palmas de Gran Canaria IFF; Bradford International Film Festival; Cine de Lima Independent FF; New Horizons FF; Special Jury Mention, Morelia IFF; Special Mention FCLM Montreal.


Discussion with Director Michel Lipkes and Cinema Tropical director Carlos Gutiérrez to follow the screening. Mingle with music, complimentary Mexican food, and mezcal tasting.






Thanks to the event partners:

The Mexican Cultural Institute of New York, Remezcla, Cinema Tropical, Espiritu Lauro mezcal, Mezcal de las Hormigas, Taco Mix, Brooklyn Documentary Club, Mano a Mano, Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies (CLACS) NYU, Consulado General de México en Nueva York, NACLA, Mu media, Axolote Cine, Ajenjo Cine.


Program 1: Micro-Symphonies, the Films of Axolote Cine

A series of the work by Axolote Cine film troupe. Merging between real and oneiric landscapes, these minimal stories offer current views of Mexico.


Upcoming films of Program 1

Calle Lopez – April 2nd, 7:30pm
Mosca – May 7th, 7:30pm
Wadley – June 4th, 7:30pm

Coming in Fall 2015 - Winter 2016


Program 2: Digging Roots of a Denied Civilization

A series of current visions of indigenous Mexico. Stories and characters with a strong connection to nature, serve as a metaphor to explore global themes like identity, family or aging.