Liszt's Dance with the Devil




Liszt's Dance with the Devil

Ophra Yerushalmi, 2014, 60 min.

Liszt's Dance with the Devil, a film by pianist-turned-filmmaker Ophra Yerushalmi focuses on the inner duel between the virtuoso and the composer, the seduction of glamour and the quest for spirituality that took place throughout Franz Liszt's entire life. Featuring brilliant pianists and literary luminaries, through music and words, this film is filled with revelations about a great Romantic on the cusp of modernity. Poet Laureate Robert Pinsky discusses translations and transcriptions following a performance of Beethoven's Fifth for the piano. Another highlight is Nike Wagner's taking-on both Liszt and Wagner, her ancestors.

Screened in Budapest, Paris, Rome, Utrecht, Tel-Aviv as well as in Ottawa, Baltimore, Las Vegas,Taos and Boston, the film was first shown in downtown New York at The Provincetown Playhouse. Director Ophra Yerushalmi is very pleased to come full circle with a screening uptown at the Maysles Cinema.
Liszt's Dance with the Devil was called "A HIT" in the Newsletter of the American Liszt Society -- " could see the subject treated with knowledge, artistry, taste and humor. Somehow the film captured through images the elusive and complex personage of Liszt...a total surprise, a very happy one".
Following the screening there will be a Q&A with Director Ophra Yerushalmi.