BLACKTRANSEVERYTHING Film Festival - Representations


Representations featuring Seven King

There’s a lot of new media coming out with characters that are black trans people, but how often are we the creators of our own stories? Join us as we view and discuss new and emerging work created and produced by black trans and gender non-conforming people. Featuring Seven King #blacktranseverything writer, director, producer of the upcoming new series premiering this September, Edens Garden – a new series created by King focusing on socially relevant issues including: trans-dating, same-sex dating, HIV and AIDS awareness, homophobia, gay-bashing, trans-bashing and more.

Q&A with “Edens Garden” creator Seven King.

BLACKTRANSEVERYTHING Film Festival - Oya: Something Happened on the Way to West Africa

Oya: Something Happened On the Way to West Africa!
Oluseyi Adebanjo, 2015, 33 min

This beautiful new documentary from #blacktranseverything artist/educator Oluseyi Adebanjo follows the journey of Queer Gender Non Conforming Nigerian Seyi Adebanjo as Seyi returns home to speak directly with ancestors, connect with Òrìṣà (African God/dess) tradition, and follow a trail back to the powerful legacy of great grandmother, Chief Moloran Ìyá Ọlọ́ya. This personal and political story vibrantly investigates the heritage of command, mythology, gender fluidity and the hidden truth that women are behind the power of indigenous Yorùbá spirituality. The documentary illuminates the lives of Òrìṣà Ọya (Warrior Goddess), Chief Moloran Ìyá Ọlọ́ya and Seyi Adebanjo while interweaving Yorùbá mythology, poetry, performance, and expert interviews.

Join us for performances and a Q&A after the film.

BLACKTRANSMEDIA Film Festival - Passing

Lucah Rosenberg-Lee and J. Mitchell Reed, 2015, 22 min

Passing features Toronto native and #blacktranseverything producer Lucah on his journey as he examines experiences of racism and sexism today, through the eyes of 3 transmen of colour.

Q&A with co-director Lucah Rosenberg Lee and Passing character Sasha Alexander Perez.