Under the Influence of Tom DiCillo: Down in Shadowland

Saturday, November 14th, 7:30pm
Under the Influence of Tom DiCillo: Down in Shadowland




Tom DiCillo, 2014, 69 min
"Down in Shadowland was shot over 7 years. In 2009 I decided to carry my video camera on the trains every day. The more I shot, the more I began to see this shadowy realm of the underground as a strange, alternate universe to bright glare of reality above ground. The entire film was shot on a camera just slightly larger than a pack of Marlboros. Most people were aware I was filming them. I did not try to hide the camera but its size helped make it less conspicuous. I was looking for moments of unguarded human revelation. Sometimes they were humorous, other times they were disturbing or profound. In all cases they were extremely elusive. For every one I managed to film I missed 10. I was amazed at how intimate and revealing people could be in this most public of New York places. Although not conventionally narrative the film embarks on a clear journey and finds unity and connection through emotional and visual motifs. After two decades in the independent film business it was inspiring to make this film with just me and the camera. My only obligation was to present a film as close as possible to what my eye sees.”
-- Tom DiCillo

Tom DiCillo is one of the founding members of the American independent film movement. Beginning with his first film, Johnny Suede starring Brad Pitt in 1991 and continuing with Living In Oblivion starring Steve Buscemi, Box of MoonlightThe Real BlondeDouble Whammy and Delirious DiCillo's films have been internationally recognized and awarded. Johnny Suede won Best Picture at the Locarno Film Festival. Living In Oblivion won Best Screenplay at the Sundance Film Festival and Delirious won Best Director at the San Sebastian Film Festival. His film, When You're Strange, the first documentary about The Doors won the Grammy in 2012. DiCillo has written two books about his experiences in the film business, "Eating Crow" (Living In Oblivion) and "Notes From Overboard" (Box of Moonlight). He is also the founding member of the band The Black and Blue Orkestre. In addition to writing, performing and singing with the band he directed all of their videos.

Q&A with Filmmaker Tom Dicillo after the screening.