I Am (Hear)
Olympia Perez, 2015, 14 min

The new short documentary I Am (Hear) is a powerful, experimental, narrative exploring the role media has had in shaping the depiction of black transwomen. In the film Olympia introduces us to Ares, a black transwomen whose committed to taking control of her life and her future. Olympia Perez takes us on part of her journey to see how she is shifting and reframing black trans power and love by creating media that speaks out about transphobia and racism, with the intent to reframe the way we view and value black trans people in the world.

Q & A with the director Olympia Perez Alexander and character Ares, as well as celebration of the launch of artist Tatyana Fazlizadeh’s powerful “Stop Telling Women To Smile” collaboration with Black Trans Media’s Olympia Perez Alexander.

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