The Spirit Moves: Harlem Swings

The Spirit Moves: Harlem Swings

(Part one of three part series looking at NYC popular dance in non-fiction film.)

Curated by Sophie Windsor Clive


Music and Swing dancing in front of the cinema.


Queen of Swing

John Biffar, 2006, 72 min

Narrated by Bill Cobbs, Queen of Swing takes an inside look at Swing era dancer Norma Miller's influence in the globalization of America's jazz culture and her and her fellow artist's role in racial integration. The documentary features interviews with Bill Cobbs, Frankie Manning, Phoebe Jacobs and Leonard Reed.

Followed by a discussion with a panel of special guests from the Savoy era along with clips from the The Spirit Moves, A History of Black Social Dance on Film, 1900-1986 by the director Mura Dehn.  We have been granted special permission by Eiko and Koma Otake to screen this incredible archive.

Music and dancing in downstairs lounge.