History of 8mm

Friday, November 7th, 7:30pm

History of 8mm: 50 (-) Years in Space: (A) History of the (American) Space Program (as told through films): (8mm) NASA/space footage and other related film(s): 1959-? (Volume 11 and other related films)

(Yet) another 8mm anonymous event...

45th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 (Mission) Landing/Walking on the Moon and (the) 55th Anniversary of the (American) Space Program (in general) not to be confused with the Russian Space Program. History of 8mm: Volume -?- (sort of -?- of a sequel to/continuation of (8mm) World War II propaganda/newsreels: Volume Ten...): Al-?- history of the (sub) genre plus another 50th or 60th birthday celebration and the 30th anniversary of Wallpaper ("a magazine on walls"): Another raceless program (or program beyond race depending on how you look at it.)  For a horse of a different color (No pun intended.) we present for your consideration: a race of a different kind (altogether): The Space Race... I was (always) an avid stamp collector (amongst other things). My father had seen to that... ever since I was a (little) kid, like many of my age (group) growing up in the 60's (under it's influence) I wanted to be an astronaut (who didn't? I was one of those (them). Not a fireman. Not  a police officer. An explorer (same thing/difference). (Astronaut) Neil Armstrong landing/walking on the moon, declaring: "It's one small step for man. One giant leap for mankind!", as he put the American flag, in a crater, on the moon. I was hooked (almost) immediately! If that didn't do it, nothing (else) would! My (little) eyes darting around (excitedly)! My (little) heart beating at a thousand miles a minute!.., another (concentrated) focus on another particular (different) type of newsreel (a (sub) genre (space/NASA footage/films(s)) within a (sub) genre (newsreel(s)) many of which were made (this time during the 1960's).

Trip to the Moon

George Melies [Black Hawk Films silent, B&W, c.1902. Transferred to Super (-)8, Reg. 8mm & 16mm]

Ranks as the first great international success in the history of film. Trip to the Moon begins as the president of a congress of astronomers announces that he and five colleagues will visit the moon, And their space ship is a bullet designed to be shot from a huge gun. And it works, and the travelers approach the moon which becomes identifiable as a large face. In one of the most famous images in early cinema, the ship hits the face. And other adventures (including moon men who attack) take place in this remarkable film with both imagination and pioneering visual tricks.

The War of the Worlds  

Mike Cassidy, of Salt Lake City, Utah [Reg 8mm, Silent, color, 1960's, c.12 mins]

Teenage version/adaptation of the H.G.Wells' classic (story) comes off (more) like an episode of the -?- (American) -?- show(s) Star Trek & Land of the Lost. (Another 1960's (American) T.V. show).

America on the Moon

[Castle Films, c. 1969/1970, B&W, Reg 8mm, Silent, c. 12 mins]

The Eagle Has Landed

[From the (film) collection of filmmaker Gibbs Chapman, 16mm (Sound, Color, c. 20mins)

Apollo 11 - Man on the Moon

[Columbia Pictures, Super 8, Silent, Color, c. 1969/1970, c. 12 mins]


[Castle Films, Reg 8mm, Silent, B&W, 1960's, c. 12 mins]

An excerpt from Do They Exist?

[Super 8, Sound, Color, c. 2003-?, c. 3 mins]

Film essay about UFOs, featuring UFOlogist and author Paul Meehan (of Saucer Movies: a UFOlogical History of the Movies) containing -?- interviews, archival footage/photos, and, other documents/materials.

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