In Glorious Mud Green Man

Tuesday, April 22nd, 7:30pm

In Glorious Mud Green Man

(In Celebration of Earth Day)

Joe Fenstermaker, 2012, 33 min.

In Glorious Mud Green Man observes Green Man creating wonder throughout New York City while revealing an intimate portrait of Tom, the man who assumes Green Man's posture in public. Born out of the crook of a tree Green Man explores and experiences the world with both animal and human instincts as he encounters different situations. Green Man surprises New Yorkers going about their daily lives disrupting their way of seeing the world revealing nature in the city. Beyond Green Man exists Tom the man who through nature and his own circumstances finds himself lead to assume the mantel of Green Man. Tom discovered his true purpose taking his compassion for humanity and transforming it into performance art.

After the film there will be a Q&A with the filmmaker Joe Fenstermaker featuring Tom Goodgridge (Green Man). They will discuss Green Man, nature in New York City and the documentary filmmaking process.

Following the Q&A there will be a reception with local complimentary cuisine.