Forward Ever: The Killing of a Revolution

Saturday, June 21st, 4:00pm

Creatively Speaking Presents: Forward Ever: The Killing of a Revolution

Curated by Michelle Materre

(Creatively Speaking is an independent film series -- by and about people of color. Explore the world we really live in.)

Forward Ever: The Killing of a Revolution

Bruce Paddington, 2013, 113 min.

The year – 1983. The setting, Grenada, The West Indies – one of the smallest independent countries in the Western hemisphere. The U.S. intervenes in the activities of The People’s Revolutionary Government of Grenada after a bloody military coup, resulting in the ousting of a successful four-year revolutionary government. This film captures the tragic events of October 19th footage and firsthand recollections of the people who bore witness. Under suspicious circumstances, Prime Minister Maurice Bishop and several of his close colleagues are executed -- their bodies never recovered. Multiple perspectives and diverse narratives raise questions about the influence of this major event in the contemporary landscape of Caribbean culture, political history and economics that must be answered…and soon.

Q&A with Director/Producer.