Changing Face of Harlem

Thursday, October 9th, 7:30pm

Changing Face of Harlem

Shawn Batey, 2014, 62 min.

Changing Face of Harlem is a one-hour documentary that examines and challenges the benefits of the “revitalization” of a community. The unique nature of the culture and history of the community of Harlem, U.S.A. is examined from an “insider’s perspective” through the personal reflections of residents, business owners politicians, developers and clergy members who witnesses this “transformation”. The impact of changing social economics and class difference are explored and critiqued. How does this creative, vibrant neighborhood preserve its rich cultural history while discovering the “good” in change.

Q&A with director Shawn Batey, editor Jason Pollard, music composer Jay Rodriguez, production assistant Amel Ahmed and Changing Face of Harlem character Russell Grey.





Nothern Light

Monday, June 16th - Sunday, June 22nd, 7:30pm

Northern Light

U.S. Theatrical Premiere

Nick Bentgen and  Lisa Kjerulff , 2013, 105 mins.

Competitors in a 500 mile-long Michigan snow mobile race come to life in this gorgeous and subtle cinéma vérité portrait of contemporary working-class America. An audience favorite at festivals including the 2013 Viennale, HotDocs, BAM Cinema Fest and True/FalseFilmed, award-winning film Northern Light, by first-time local filmmakers Nick Bentgen and Lisa Kjerulff, was filmed over the course of several years spent living with their subjects.

Thursday, June 19 and Friday, June 20: Post-film Q&A with filmmakers Nick Bentgen and Lisa Kjerulff in person!

"I'll not soon forget the durational brilliance of an extended fixed shot of a snow-suited timekeeper on a frozen lake patiently waiting as a snowmobile zips into and out of view, its roar slowly fading into the wintry quiet and then reviving before the vehicle comes speeding through the frame again, as tedious and entrancing as a clock."Eric Hynes, Cinema Scope

"A humble and quietly thoughtful piece of cinéma vérité"Kelly O, The Stranger

"While the snowmobile race at the center of the film is dramatic and engrossing, encompassing an entire film within itself, it's the small, quiet glimpses that pull the viewer in, casting a compassionate eye on lives on the margins. But everybody struggles, and on a fundamental level NORTHERN LIGHT is a film we can all relate to."Craig Hubert, ArtInfo

"Patient, observant, and deeply generous"Michael Tully, Hammer to Nail




Documentary In Bloom

Curated by Livia Bloom