Film Voyagers

Sunday, April 27th, 2:00pm

Film Voyagers

A weekly program of films for younger children age 3 to 7 and their caregivers: films from around the world -- most animation -- geared toward a young audience. $8 Suggested Donation.

The Adventures of Reksio

Józef Ćwiertnia (1,4,6), Lechosław Marszałek (2), Halina Filek-Marszałek (3,7), Romuald Kłys (5), 2004, 65 mins., Poland

Reksio (Rex) is a very famous children's cartoon character in Poland, and this set of seven different cartoons follows Reksio as he meets up with new friends and has many grand adventures. Join Reksio and his friends through all follies and fun! 7 short animated films originally made for Polish television, these cartoons (using no dialogue) cross national boundaries with their appeal.

Bolek and Lolek Are Going Camping

Edward Water, Leszek Lorek, Wladyslaw Nehabrecki, Stanislaw Dutz, 2000, 64 min., Poland

Bolek and Lolek are young explorers who travel the world in their imaginations. A hit throughout Poland and in much of Europe, this charming cartoon boasts a capricious animation style and whimsical sound effects, enchanting viewers without the need for dialogue. This universal approach helped make Bolek and Lolek a hit with kids everywhere, like when it was picked up by Nickelodeon in America. Bolek and Lolek Are Going Camping comprises seven cartoons about wild times in the great outdoors.