H.E.F.F on 95

Thursday, June 5th, 7:30pm

H.E.F.F. on 95

(The 2014 Haverhill Experimental Film Festival)

A curatorial venture down Interstate 95 showcasing the winning films of the 2014 Haverhill Experimental Film Festival. This endeavor gives the opportunity for filmmakers to screen their artwork in multiple venues hitting major stops that include Manhattan, Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Richmond, and ending in Durham, North Carolina.

The roughly 1.5 hour program will feature contemporary work in avant-garde cinema at a national and international level. It will highlight various films from abstract home VHS distortion flicks to 16mm direct animation works to experimental documentaries.

This tour and festival itself hope to extinguish the Hollywood standard of the moving image by showing major cities an idea of what this art form can accomplish: a true, purer method of capturing reality.

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