Friday, July 18th, 7:30pm

Saturday, July 19th, 7:30pm


The Meerkat Media Collective, 2014, 84 min.

A tiny Serbian village explodes with brass cacophony and riotous celebration as more than half a million music fans descend upon Guča, the world's largest trumpet competition. Amidst a cast of defending Serbian champions and struggling Roma Gypsies, an unlikely brass band from New York City, Zlatne Uste, voyages to represent the United States only a decade after NATO bombs rocked Belgrade. They will be the first Americans ever to compete at Guča. Brasslands offers an intimate and sometimes unsettling portrait of how the hopes and fears of this diverse group of characters collide in their search for common ground and musical ecstasy.


Q&A with Bryan Chang, Brasslands producer, to follow Friday’s screening.

Q&A with Adam Pogoff, Brasslands  producer, to follow Saturday’s screening.