Doc Watchers Presents A Women's History Month Special

Thursday, March 20th, 7:00pm

Doc Watchers Presents A Women's History Month Special

Curated by Hellura Lyle

The Exhibition

Damon Vignale,2013, 92 min.

In an attempt to deflect the public gaze away from Canada's most notorious serial killer and onto the lives of his victims, artist Pamela Masik creates paintings of the murdered women. However, her work is quickly met with a backlash from the victims' families and the Vancouver Aboriginal community. Over a six year period, The Exhibition follows Masik’s struggle to exhibit this collection of paintings, and the public outcry that ensued.  All of this amidst a shocking murder trial; an inquiry into the police department’s failed investigation; and the families’ search for answers in Canada’s largest serial murder case in history. Unafraid to confront moral ambiguity, The Exhibition examines every nuance of the debate over whether her work is art, tribute, or exploitation.


Q&A (via Skype) with director following the screening.