Doc Watchers Presents A women History's Month Special

Thursday, March 13th, 7:00pm

Doc Watchers Presents A Women's History Month Special

(A Special Co-Presentation with the New York African Film Festival)

Curated by Hellura Lyle

Joy, It’s Nina

Jane Thorburn, 2012, 34 min

Shot in England and Nigeria and performed and written by Joy Elias-Riwan, this evocative and original film builds on the experiences and emotional lives of West African women living in the UK separated from their families. The stories are based on news and court reports and Joy Elias-Rilwan's own life, including voicemails left on her answer-machine by the legendary singer Nina Simone, her friend and self proclaimed 'Spiritual Mother'.


Menstrual Man

Amit Virmani, 2013, 63 min

There are men who squirm at the mention of a woman’s period, and then there’s Arunachalam Muruganantham. Considered a madman and pervert by his community, he ignored his detractors and made his dream—low-cost sanitary pads made by and for rural Indian women—a reality. Menstrual Man is the inspiring story of a hero who rises above poverty and a lack of education to become a superstar social entrepreneur in the business of breaking cultural taboos and re-inventing the economic pyramid. Muruganantham is leading a movement, not a company. And it’s spreading.

Q&A (via Skype) with director Amit Virmani following the screening.