Blacks in Experimental Film (Part 2)

Friday, February 28th, 7:00pm

Blacks in Experimental Film (Part 2)

(Lost & Forgotten Images of Blacks on Film)

Curated by 8mm Anonymous

An evening of short films featuring Reg. 8mm & Super8 (Sound) only. Will feature Lois Towles, acclaimed concert pianist and sister of pioneering model Dorothea Towles.  A graduate of Wiley College (of “The Great Debaters” fame), Towles sang with Fisk University’s choir and later became a member of the school’s music faculty. The evening will also be dedicated to the memory of Richard Caesar, Tuskeegee Airman/dentist & husband of Lois Towles, who died over 2 years ago. Will also include an art show (“Centennial of Lois Towles”) commemorating what would have been her 100th birthday. Films shown will most likely include the following:



Jack Johnson v. Frank Noran (Reg. 8mm, silent, b&w, c. 12 mins., 1914, re-shot/transferred from 35mm (originally) onto 8mm)


Live Rome Movie footage of Minstrel Show of The 1939-1940 San Francisco/Treasure Island World’s Fair (Reg. 8mm, silent, b&w/sepia. 1939-1940.c. 12 mins.)


The Harlem Globetrotters (Castle Films, Reg. 8mm, silent, b&w, c. 12 mins., 1950’s)


Black & Tan Fantasy w/ Duke Ellington (Super8Sound, b&w, c. 3 mins., 1928.)


Black Home Movie/Travel Footage of Europe (Italy) from the 50’s (Anonymous Reg. 8mm, silent color, c. 12 mins., 1950’s.)


An Excerpt from ‘Aunt Lois’ w/ Dorothea Towles, her sister (Super8Sound, color, c. 3 mins., 1997.)


Black Home Movie footage from The 50’s (Anonymous, Reg. 8mm, silent, color, c. 12 mins., 1950’s.)


Black Super 8 Sound Home Movie Footage of Jim Jones’ People’s Temple (Super8Sound, color, c. 3 mins., 1970’s.)

Footage Shot Out The Window of a Plane Heading from San Francisco to New York Set to Nina Simone’s ‘Feeling Good’ (Sequel to ‘Footage Shot of The Window of a Plane Heading from New York to San Francisco. ) (Super8Sound, color, 3 mins., 1994.)


Tuskeegee Airman Home Movie Footage of Russia (Anonymous, Reg. 8mm, color, c. 20 mins., 1959.)


“… An evening of short films, featuring reportedly incendiary images of African Americans.” – Time Out New York.


“I hate to be a representative of a race, tacked on for that reason alone.  If I can do something beyond that, then it’s all right.” &, “I could never have done what I was able to do without the help of others. I can’t return that help to the people who helped me, but perhaps I can return it to the others who are in need.” – Lois Towles


“You can’t ask me to explain my lyrics. I simply won’t do it.”- Lou Reed.