The Get Down Campaign's No More Stigma Film Series

Thursday, February 7th, 6:30pm

The Get Down Campaign's No More Stigma Film Series

A Black History Month Special

and In Honor of African American HIV Awareness Day

In Partnership with Maysles Cinema, A-Marketing, MEGA Personalities and Global Network of Black Pride

Hosted by Richard E. PelIzer II and Ulysses Williams


Cocktail Reception


The Other City

Susan Koch, 2010,  90 min.

In every city, there’s another city that visitors rarely see. But this other city isn’t just anywhere—it’s in Washington, D.C. The very city that is home to the capital of the most powerful country in the world has an HIV/AIDS rate that is not only the nation’s highest, but rivals some African countries.  “The Other City” introduces us to the people who live in the shadow of the Capitol but remain almost invisible to the lawmakers and lobbyists who live there. It’s about politics and ideology, corruption and bureaucracy, and an epidemic that grew out of control while few people paid any attention or cared.  HIV/AIDS is wrapped in a thicket of American prejudices and discomfort about homosexuality, race, class, and drugs—all of which fuel opposition to life-saving programs like needle exchange. “The Other City” tells the stories of people who haven’t let lack of government assistance stop them, and have taken matters into their own hands.