Friday, March 15th, 4:00pm


Women around the world have something in common: Power.

Documentaries on making history.

Curated by Amanda Lopez and Tatiyana Jenkins

A Women's History Month Special


Cuban Women Filmmakers U.S. Showcase


La Costurera (The Seamstress)

Ivette Ávila, 2010, 6 min

A seamstress tries to fix the pains and evils of the world in this animated short.


El Pez De La Torre Nada En El Asfalto (The Fish of the Tower Swims on the Asphalt)

Adriana F. Castellanos, 2007, 3 min

A writer is trying to make a poem while his son is watching

a rated-R movie and his wife is complaining about the unbearable

heat. Desperate, he uses violence in order to find inspiration. Fiction.


Itacas (Ithacas)

Yanahara Mauri, 2009, 2 min

The Island and the man as territories of isolation, frontier

and lack of communication. Animated.


El Mundo de Raul (Raul's World)

Jessica Rodríguez, 2010, 22 min

Raúl lives a calm life in his town. He is in charge of his

sick mother and is a commendable worker. However, he is hiding a

secret in this documentary.


Espiral (Spiral)

Miriam Talavera, 1992, 14 min

An approach to a living myth of dance, Alicia Alonso, from

the viewpoint of her passion, tenacity and devotion to art. This documentary short

includes fragments of the ballet Giselle, choreographed by her, based on the

original by Jean Coralli and Jules Perrot, and of the La Diva (The

Diva), choreographed by Alberto Méndez.


Post-screening Q&A with Award-winning filmmaker and head of the Cuban Women Filmmakers Mediatheque, Marina Ochoa; award-winning Afro-Cuban documentary filmmaker, Gloria Rolando; award-winning feature filmmaker Milena Almira and one of Cuba’s most internationally acclaimed film and theater actresses, Claudia Rojas.