The Get Down's Campaigns: No More Stigma Film Series

Thursday, June 27th, 6:30pm

The Get Down Campaign’s

No More Stigma Film Series

Curated by Kim J. Ford

Celebrating Ballroom History. An evening of pushing the conversation forward in honor of New York Pride Week and National Testing Day Awareness Event. In partnership with Global Network of Black Pride, GMAD, SWERV, Anti Violence Project and Until There's A Cure




T.V. Tranvestite

Dir. Simone di Bagno and Michele Capozzi, 1982, 60 min.

Before Paris is Burning, there was T.V. Transvestite. Shot in 1982 by filmmakers Simone di Bagno and Michele Capozzi, the documentary captures a fierce House of LaBeija ball thrown at a Harlem Bingo hall. "Lost" and not screened in public for over two decades, this rare film shows such legends as Pepper LaBeija, Dorian Corey and Sugar in a period before voguing and at the advent of AIDS.

The Show Must Go On: The Story of Snooke Lanore

Dir. Zachary Kussin, 2011, 3 min.

Snookie Lanore (née Lawrence Taylor) 18, chose to name himself after the “Jersey Shore” star for her spunk and fun-loving personality. And with these same personal attributes, Snookie enlivens his own audience at the balls that he hosts. But instead of traditional ballroom events, Snookie’s feature drag runway battles, vogue dance-offs, and beauty contests.

These types of balls aren’t new. They’ve been held by lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities of color for almost 50 years to provide a safe, judgment-free space for self expression—even a safe space for conflict resolution. They’ve also been made popular by several documentaries—Paris Is Burning, a 1990 film, stands out as an example. But those are the major leagues, meant for older followers. Snookie represents the “Kiki” scene—a ballroom subculture that traditionally caters to participants under the age of 18—whose events have recently grown in frequency and popularity, even among older fans from the major leagues.

Here in New York, these Kiki balls generally take place twice monthly, which makes Snookie a very busy teen. Since starting two years ago, Snookie has hosted over 40 of these events, and he sees many more on the horizon. He first got his start when a friend asked him to host a ball that he threw. At first, Snookie said, he didn’t think he could, but then this life-long Church singer found a new way to show his talents. Snookie shares how hosting makes him feel in The Show Must Go On.

Evening includes:

Poetry By Sephology, The Lyrical Prodigy

Q&A with filmmakers to immediately following the screening.

Followed by a post-screening Mini-Ball featuring The Paragon House of GianMarco Lorenzi.

Commentator & Host: Iconic Father Kamari Lorenzi – Miyake Mugler.

Special fundraising partnership with Until There’s A Cure®

Get Down is partnered with Until There’s A Cure®.  Until There’s A Cure® is a national organization dedicated to eradicating HIV/AIDS by raising awareness and funds to combat this pandemic. Fueled by concerns about the effects of HIV/AIDS on the lives of their children, two California mothers were inspired to create the non-profit organization Until There’s A Cure® Foundation in 1993.  The Foundation was the first non-profit organization to create and sell a bracelet to raise funds for a cause.