Fiction-Non: Lynne Sachs’ Your Day is My Night

Wednesday, September 25th-Thursday, September 26th, 7:00pm

Fiction-Non: Lynne Sachs’ Your Day is My Night

(A documentary series exploring 'hybrid films' that cross the boundaries between fiction and non-fiction traditions.)

Curated by Beyza Boyacioglu

Your Day is My Night

Lynne Sachs, 2013, 65 min.

This provocative hybrid documentary begins with the stories of a Chinatown "shift-bed" apartment, as told through dreams, movement and song. The bed transforms into a stage, revealing the collective history of the Chinese in the United States through conversations, autobiographical monologues, and theatrical improvisations. Shot on 16mm, Super 8 and HD video in the kitchens, bedrooms, wedding halls, and mahjong parlors of Chinatown, Your Day is My Night addresses issues of home and urban life. With each “performance” of their present, the characters illuminate the joys and tragedies of their past, as well as the challenges of contemporary life in New York.

Both evening’s screenings will begin with a short live performance created for Beyza Boyacioglu’s “Fiction-Non” series. Four cast members from the film will perform an experimental movement piece exploring the basic human need for a place to sleep.

Following the performance there will also be a Q&A with director Lynne Sachs, co-producer Sean Hanley and performers Linda Chan, Ellen Ho, Yun Xiu Huang, and Sheut Hing Lee.

“Your Day is My Night is a strikingly handsome, meditative work: a mixture of reportage, dreams, memories and playacting, which immerses you in an entire world that you might unknowingly pass on the corner of Hester Street.” - Stuart Klawans, The Nation

Select Screenings:

World Premiere:  Museum of Modern Art, Documentary Fortnight 2013

Ann Arbor Film Festival, Ann Arbor MI

Images Festival, Toronto ON, Canada

Athens Film Festival, Athens OH (2nd Prize, Documentary Feature)

Workers Unite! Film Festival (1st Prize Narrative Feature)

Maysles Cinema, New York, NY

Pacific Film Archive, Berkeley CA

BorDocs Tijuana Foro Documental, Mexico

The DocYard, Cambridge MA

Vancouver International Film Festival