Staunch! A Grey Gardens Celebration V: Tarnation

Sunday, June 9th, 7:30pm


Jonathan Caouette, 2004, 100 min.

In the making since the director was 11-years-old and completed on a reported budget of about 200 dollars, Jonathan Caouette's Tarnation is an experimental and self-reflective mix of documentary and fiction. Bringing together a collection of home movies, family photos, answering machine messages, reenactments and Caouette's video diary, the film attempts to delve into the filmmaker's experiences growing up queer with a schizophrenic mother. Jonathan also directed his third film, the critically acclaimed Walk Away Renée in 2011. A follow up of sorts to Tarnation, Walk Away Renée documents Caouette's cross-country journey with his mother, Renée Leblanc, to an assisted living facility close to Caouette's home, necessitating a move from Houston to New York.

Q&A with dir. Jonathan Caouette.