Blacks in Experimental Film

(Lost & Forgotten Images of Blacks on Film)

Curated by 8mmAnonymous

Reg. 8mm & Super8(Sound) only! All New Program! Never Seen Before!

Blacks in Experimental Film attempts to bridge the gap/fill in the space of what is left behind and out. This evening seeks to explore how our perceptions of ourselves have evolved or not evolved based on these representations. We will explore whether its “racist" to show this stuff or even worse to sweep it under the rug and deny it ever existed. Materials shown are likely to include an excerpt from Ralph Bakshi’s Coonskin, a minstrel show from the 1939 World’s Fair in San Francisco, Little Black Sambo, Bert Williams performance footage, excerpts from African Pygmy Thrills and Our Gang, footage of the Harlem Globetrotters, Joe Louis, Sugar Ray Robinson and Muhammad Ali and Duke Ellington’s Black and Tan Fantasy and mid-century Black home movies and travelogues (Europe! Paris!).  Excerpts from “Stories For Those With Short Attention Spans” (with “Blind Professor/raconteur/writer (“Groove, Bang & Jive Around”) editor & publisher/gallery owner (A Gathering of Tribes) Steve Cannon) & “Ant Lois”, about (possibly) the first, if not one of the first Black, Classical, Concert pianists (in this country, if not the World) Lois Towles, there ever was(with footage of her sister, another relative, Dorothea Towles, the pioneering, “First” Black (Super) model )will be shown (as well)...


An audience led discussion will follow the screening