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A Black Man’s Burden: How Internalized Stereotypes Lead to LGBT Demonization featuring the films of Novo Novus Productions




Where Truth Lies

Carlton is an attractive, educated, young black male with funny, caring friends, a beautiful, loving girlfriend...and a handsome, devoted boyfriend (Terrell).  These relationships rattle, however, on the day of his one-year anniversary with Jasmine, when truths unspoken come to light.  Carlton's ability to balance the divergent interests of these three factions is put to the test, as is the sense and sensibility of his friends and lovers.


Drama Queenz

Drama Queenz is a hit comedy web series, now in its second season, about three friends and roommates dealing with life, love, and auditioning in New York City.  Each ten-minute webisode focuses on Jeremiah, a dreamer with ridiculously poor audition luck, Davis, a perfectionist whose hard work produces uneven results, and Preston, a realist whose inhibitions stir-up delightful "drama" for all to enjoy.  Through madcap auditions, burgeoning romances, and heartbreaking realizations, the trio from Queens takes viewers on the zany roller coaster ride that is the actor's life.


Fade In

Fade In is a webisodic documentary series featuring inspiring stories from homeless LGBTQ youth.  These 3-5 minute clips are not only designed to bring awareness to the fact that 35-40% of runaway or homeless youth in New York identify as being LGBTQ, but also to provide and promote a positive light forward for teens struggling with their identities due to personal, social, and familial factors.  Each segment will be based around a different virtue (e.g. beauty, acceptance, compassion, faith) and will feature up to three youths discussing an uplifting story that relates to said virtue.  Through smiles and laughter, tears and heartbreak, these touching stories shine a light on the truths of those forced to live in darkness.  Hosted by the cast of Drama Queenz.


Post Screening Q&A with Novo Novus Productions