Maysles Institute After School Program for Teen Filmmakers Debuts Documentary Shorts

Please join us for a fun-filled evening of short documentary films that reveal a much-needed perspective on the recession, pest control, gender identity, fashion subcultures, the arts and the urban outdoors. Throughout the school year young people from the wider Harlem community gather to produce short documentaries that reinterpret and challenge notions of self-awareness, community, and power. We strive to bridge the film experience between theory, analysis and practice.


6:00pm: Reception

7:00pm: Screening


Produced by Roxanne Mauras and L’Eunice Faust, 8 min.

A short documentary film that explores the daily challenges of an openly gay, 16-year-old Jewish teen as he navigates through school and personal relationships.


Three Dollars Outta Fifteen Cents

Produced by Samantha Ramos, 4 min.

An introspective look at the hustle and bustle of teenagers coping with an economic recession that leaves them with little or no disposable income.



Produced by Alejandro Rosario, 9 min.

Have you ever cringed at the sight of a teenager with saggy pants? This short documentary film explores the root causes of this fashion subculture through interviews with teen and adult saggers, teachers, parents, the fashion industry and the New York City community at large.


Booker T

Produced by Brittney Lopez, 8 min.

A short documentary film that delves into the artistic lives of two high school performance artists and the teacher that helps them sustain their passion.



Produced by Keionn Ausby, 3 min.

From the urban streets of France comes an innovative outdoor sport that is slowly capturing the imagination of inner city teens in New York City. Experience parkour through the eyes of a14 year-old enthusiast from the South Bronx.



Produced by Hatuey Rodriguez, 3 min.

Synopsis: Rodents and mice are an all too familiar relative of most New Yorkers. Hate them or love them, they are here to stay and will probably outlive us as a whole. What is left for us to do but create a short, experimental film on their existence?


Let’s Talk About Sex

Produced by Nataja Flood, 6 min.

Synopsis: The formative years for teens are filled with daunting challenges. Amidst pressure to excel in school and stay out of trouble, many of them begin to explore their bodies and urges. This short documentary film surveys the present day attitudes of teens and adults on sex and abstinence.