DocWatchers and the Maysles Cinema Present: The New York African Film Festival

Friday, April 29th, 7:30pm

Zimbabwe’s Forgotten Children

Xoliswa Sithole, 2010, 90 min., South Africa

The story of three children trying to survive in Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe.

Followed by Q&A with Peabody Award Winning Filmmaker, Xoliswa Sithole and Reception


Saturday, April 30, 3:30pm

All I Wanna Do

Michelle Medina, 2010, 59 min., Morocco

Forty-eight year-old Simohamed, who works as a parking guard, and his 17-year-old son Ayoub, get the opportunity to pursue their dreams of being Hip Hop artists.


Jazz Mama

Petna Katondolo, 2010, 30 min., Congo

How do you talk about rape in a place where basic human rights are systematically violated? Katondolo skirts the boundaries of reality and fiction, offering a compelling portrait of Conoglese women who stand strong in their communities and denounce the violence they experience.


A Blues for Tiro  

Steve Kwena Mokwena, 2007, 48 min., South Africa

A poetic tribute to an extraordinary black consciousness activist and inspirational leader, who was murdered in 1974.


Saturday, April 30, 7:30pm

Ladies In Waiting

Dieudo Hamadi & Divita Wa Lusula, 2010, 24 min., Congo

In a maternity ward in the Congo, new mothers are "held hostage" until they are are able to settle their medical bills.


Shouting Silent   

Xoliswa Sithole, 2002, 50 min., South Africa

An adult orphan who lost her mother to HIV/AIDS journeys back home in search of other young women who have also lost their mothers to HIV/AIDS and are now struggling to raise themselves (and, in many cases, their siblings) on their own.

Followed by Q&A with Peabody Award Winning Filmmaker, Xoliswa Sithole and Reception


Sunday, May 1, 3:00pm

Alex’s Wedding

Jean-Marie Teno, 2003, 45 min., Cameroon

Three people's lives are about to change dramatically. Alex goes to his in-laws' to bring home his second wife. His childhood sweetheart and first wife, Elise, reluctantly accompanies him.   

Francois Ducat, 2007, 53 min., Cameroon

In a country where nearly half the population lives under the poverty threshold, many young women surf the internet hoping to “escape” by marrying a rich, white foreigner.


Sunday, May 1st, 5:00pm

Zero Tolerance

Dieudo Hamadi, 2010, 18 min., Congo

The systematic use of rape casts a dark shadow on the Congolese society. Ordinary men are guilty of violently exploiting women, and are unable explain what came over them.


Driving with Fanon      

Steve Kwena Mokwena, 2010, 70 min., Sierra Leone

Avant-garde filmmaker, Kwena Mokwena travels through Freetown, Sierra Leone with the ghost of Frantz Fanon, engaging a new generation into conversation about the radical black scholar, psychiatrist and revolutionary thinker.