The Revolution and Wikileaks

Thursday, March 3rd, 7:30 pm

Red Channels, Bushwick Project for the Arts and The Maysles Cinema Present:

The Revolution and Wikileaks

A 100% Free Event!

(An open discussion, Wikileaks and multi-media presentation on transparency, new media, the middle east and the ongoing popular struggle for democratic change)

In the wake of the momentous and historical events sweeping the Middle East, we revisit the significance of Wikileaks and the Palestine Papers in furthering the causes of transparency and perhaps democracy. This follow-up to the first open discussion held about Wikileaks at Bushwick Project for the Arts re-examines some of the same issues in the crucible of the harsh struggle for democracy now taking place in Egypt, Tunisia, Bahrain, Iran, Yemen, Jordan, Algeria, Morocco, Libya and the U.S. Territory of Wisconsin.