Jock Docs Finale: “Base to Base, Borough to Borough: Baseball in NYC!”

Wednesday, March 30th, 7:30pm

Jock Docs Finale: “Base to Base, Borough to Borough: Baseball in NYC!”

Curated by Laura Coxson


I’m Keith Hernandez

Dir. Rob Perri, 2009, 20 minutes

Part baseball documentary, part anti drug film, part socio-political satire, I’M KEITH HERNANDEZ utilizes a version of Hernandez life as a vehicle to discuss how male identity is shaped by TV/film, sports, advertising, and pornography.

By examining the aforementioned types of media in conjunction with Lacan’s “Mirror Theory”, a clearer picture of masculinity emerges. As part of this discourse, the physical attribute of the mustache is explored as a symbol of male virility. Other topics include the Iran/Contra Affair and the resulting “Crack Explosion”, celebrity obsessed culture, and the subtleties of children’s television programming.


Director Rob Perri in attendance.


Wolf Ticket

Dugan Beach, 2009, 9 minutes

Dock Ellis again! This time, Ellis recounts the infamous details surrounding his ongoing feud with Reggie Jackson in the 1970s. Pitching (while drunk on vodka) during an all-star game, Ellis gave up a massive home run to Jackson. When something else Reggie did got Dock’s goat, Dock resorted to beaming him in the head in a subsequent game (here, he boldly confesses to being upset that he only broke Jackson’s glasses and not his jaw).


Plus Clips from “Dem Bums: The History of the Brooklyn Dodgers” and “A Man Named Mays”


Ed Randall--host of the radio program  “Ed Randall’s Talking Baseball” will moderate the screening and discussion!

Cosponsored by Bat for the Cure


Screening Followed by a Reception Sponsored by Sugar Hill Ale