Keeling’s Caribbean Movie Showcase

Curated by Keeling Beckford of Keeling Reggae Video

Duke Vin and the Birth of Ska

Dir. Gus Berger, 2008

London in the 1950's was a cold place in more ways than the obvious.

Or so it appeared if you were one of the thousands of newly arrived Jamaicans. Many were overqualified for their menial jobs. Thousands of others quite simply could not get work. Discrimination and racial tensions culminated in fierce riots in both Nottingham and Notting Hill Gate. It was in this environment that the Jamaican soundmen; Duke Vin and Count Suckle arrived in the UK. They both stowed away on a boat from Kingston and brought with them a sound that was sweeping across the small Caribbean island and would later change the face of music in the UK. This was the sound of ska!

AFTER THE SCREENING: Q&A with Australian Filmmaker Gus Berger



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