The Cool Ruler: Gregory Isaacs (1951-2010)

Sunday, March 6th, 7:30pm

Keeling’s Caribbean Showcase


The Cool Ruler: Gregory Isaacs (1951-2010)

Prod. Keeling Beckford, 1985-89, 90 min.

Vintage Dancehall & Concert Video Mix from the Vaults of Keeling Reggae Video.

Nothing defines Lover’s Rock better than the velvet smooth voice of Gregory Isaacs. This month, Keeling shares concert footage of Mr Isaacs at the height of his powers that has long been unavailable.


Bongo Man

Dir. Stefan Paul, 1981, 95 min.

This documentary follows Jimmy Cliff on an international tour in 1980, a year of violence leading up to the replacement of Michael Manley with Edward Seaga as Jamaica’s prime minister. Cliff returns to Jamaica as a “roots man” - and explores Jamaican history, society and culture from a deep Rastafari perspective,  disengaged with “politricks”. While his visit with African Maroons in the Blue Hills and his return to his hometown are memorable, Cliff’s live concert performances stand out above all.