My Name is Albert Ayler

Thursday, January 20th, 7:30pm

My Name is Albert Ayler

Dir. Kasper Collin, 2005, 79 mins.

This film chronicles the life and times of Albert Ayler, the jazz saxophonist who influenced avant- garde jazz taking it to unexplored levels of artistic and experimental freedom. Originally from Cleveland, Ayler arrived on the New York jazz scene via a prolonged stint in Sweden where he recorded his first album in 1962. A mysterious figure in many ways, Ayler was found dead eight years later somewhere along the East River. This weighty film contemplates the man and his music and includes never before seen concert footage as well as extensive interviews with Ayler and his brother. “Swedish filmmaker Kasper Collin’s melancholy, beautiful feature debut does more than just chronicle this undervalued musician; it brings Ayler and his message of spiritual unity back to life”. - the Village Voice


Q and A with director after the screening

Sugar Hill Ale Reception to Follow


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