Winter Soldiers: Vietnam to Iraq and Afghanistan

January 20-27, 30

With Winter Soldier: Iraq and Afghanistan, the veteran and active duty led inquiry of 2008 and its inspiration—the original Winter Soldier Investigation of 1971 (and the film by the same name) — as bookends, this series explores the soldier’s point of view in these conflicts as well as their role in the genesis of any critique of these wars. 

Winter Soldier (Vietnam)

Winterfilm Collective, 1972, 96 min.

For three days in 1971, 30 Vietnam veterans testified on war crimes in Detroit. This film follows the events and several of the veterans.


Joe Urgo – Organizer, Winter Soldier 1970 - 1972

Co-sponsored by the Service Women's Action Network, National Black Programming Consortium, The Brecht Forum, The International Trauma Studies Program and Red Channels